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Bedridden (2012)

Bedridden (2012)
Bedridden (2012)

Daniel Margotta served as an Associate Producer for the short 2012 horror film Bedridden.
After an accident, Larry becomes crippled, bedridden and a large burden for his parents. Just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, dad takes off leaving his mother to fend for work while assigning an in-home nurse to care for her son. . . but this isn’t just any nurse. This is the type of nurse who takes pleasure in torturing her patients.


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Actor, Writer, Producer
Daniel was born and raised in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. Throughout all of his life Daniel showed great abilities in both sport and art. Daniel began his show business career while in collage as a Disc Jockey in various night clubs in New York City airing live dance music on Hot 97 & WBLS.

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Daniel Margotta, NYC

• Actor, Writer
• Producer, Associate Producer
• Movie Actor, Commercial Actor
• Short Films, Digital Shorts
• Mafia Actor, Comedy Actor
• Stage Actor, Celebrity Endorsement
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• New York City, Hollywood

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